误入马路陷阱 摔成鼻青脸肿Fall into driveway trap by accident a bloody nose and a swollen face誤入馬路陷阱 摔成鼻青臉腫





Times dispatch because of associate with cart grind back and forth pressure, an Shundao counts lid of well of the well below the mouth to already all produced damage, make driveway pit. The evening before last, after the electric car front-wheel drive that place of citizen king lady drives is immersed in driveway trap, she is swung 2 meters many to go out far, fall badly, it is furious very.

Yesterday morning, the reporter will to Ms. Wang be located in in the home of new and high village, strut of Ms. Wang right face, right eye congests badly. Because was seamed inside oral cavity 40 much needles, ms. Wang cannot talk aloud, but furious still and intolerable. Ms. Wang is taking the Zhang sheet of the hospital to tell a reporter, not only electric car is thrown bad, operation expenses was spent 1500 multivariate, more terrible is a month cannot go up class, ms. Wang wants to know, who should oneself so big loss look for after all ” submit an expense account ” ?

In Ms. Wang guide below, the reporter comes to An Shundao, there already is 3 to be in well lid to be crushed by cart inside the road surface that sees 50 meters grow, in be immersed in roadbed. Gentleman of around dweller surname tells a reporter, come from 2008, because circumjacent cart goes there and back,grind pressure, the Jing Gaijun around is crushed, although relevant section once had undertaken several times changing to well lid, but still do not follow to go up the frequency of damaged, in recent years, how to arrange circumjacent and digital dweller to because of damaged the well is built and get hurt.

Zhang Fuling’s lawyer tells office of Chinese larch attorney the reporter, because the well covers be in bad repair, frequency of the phenomenon that injure a person goes out, the well builds property right place to belong to an unit to have due responsibility, because this king lady can discover a well,build property right place to belong to a branch to ask its claim for compensation. After the event, the reporter gave pond buy catchment management department this problem report, the property right unit that the staff member represents to be able to instruct this a section of a highway as soon as possible undertakes maintaining to damaged well lid.






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